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When you feel yourself surrounded by beauty in the simplest of things, the question becomes not 'what to paint', but 'what not to paint'."

Miriam Mas, a Canadian self-taught artist born in Barcelona, began painting in her late twenties after she moved to Ontario, Canada with a basic oil painting kit that her parents bought for her as a gift. But it was not until several years later, when she became a professional artist. Prior to this, Miriam worked for 15 years in the field of training service dogs to help people with mobility related disabilities.  Painting is her next passion. Using the medium of oils, she easily looses herself into each piece she produces.

Her subjects vary from people, to animals, still life, nature scenes and day to day scenes.  

She aims to live a passionate life painting what surrounds her and captivates her. Her hope is to share her artwork with others who may feel connected with her pieces, perhaps evoking a memory, or hopes a sentiment, of emotion.


Miriam describes painting as having a strange magic. In her words: "It is like a beautiful poem or rhyme that you can always look at and never tires you. I love the excitement I feel every time I am about to start a new painting. Sometimes I feel the same anticipation as a child waiting to get up on Christmas morning.”

Miriam Mas founded and run a charity for 9 years training service dogs dedicated to help people with disabilities in the past. She currently works for CNIB Guide Dogs and is the Lead of the Buddy Dog program, dedicated to place companion dogs with visually impaired children. She is well aware of the importance  of providing support and contribution to the community. Miriam has contributed and happily continues to donate on an ongoing basis some of her artwork to several worthwhile charities and non-profit projects.

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